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The hit series from the mega-conglomerate Amazon Studios has renewed the adult animated show Invincible for another two seasons.

This renewal should come as a shock as the story has been an eager accomplishment around the series first season. Despite, being the first season of many more, it has attracted a large fanbase both from the original comic book by Robert Kirkman and the series itself. The show brings both gory violence, profanity, and heart with established voice actors such as J.K Simmons, Sandra Oh, and Steven Yeun.

“I’m extremely thankful to Amazon for the support and dedication they’ve put behind Invincible,” said Kirkman. “The comic book is truly a love letter to a genre that Cory and I grew up reading and loving, and it’s been a gratifying journey to watch our characters come to life again through the animated series. We’re beyond excited to continue this story for at least two more seasons.”

Adult animation has been evolving lately gathering top series such as Rick and Morty,  BoJack Horseman, Final Space among the best-animated series for grown-ups which many seems to neglect. Invincible is just another addition to that list of incredible series. The series’s first run has been in the top 10 among its audience and declares a big winner for a debut season, between Amazon, Disney+, Hulu and Netflix. The ensemble also includes Seth Rogen, Mark Hamill, Walton Goggins, Zachary Quinto, Mahersala Ali, Grey Griffin, and many more. With this renewal, we could get a new season first next year.

“Invincible is a crowning example of how a fresh and edgy approach to the superhero genre can resonate with audiences around the globe, and we’re so glad that Invincible, one of our earliest investments in the adult animation genre, has accomplished just that,” said Vernon Sanders, co-head of television at Amazon Studios. “Robert’s no-holds-barred storytelling coupled with a first-class voice cast delivered on fans’ wildest expectations, and we’re thrilled to be giving them more Invincible.”

Invincible  is produced by Skybound.  Executive producers: Robert Kirkman, Simon Racioppa, David Alpert, and Catherine Winder. Supervising director is Jeff Allen.

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