X-Men Series Reported Coming To DisneyPlus

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Rumors report that Marvel Studios has an X-Men anthology series in the work.

Wolverine is one of the most popular characters and mutants in Marvel Comics. Each season aims to focus on certain stories in Wolverine history. The purpose is to show Wolverine through the history of DisneyPlus. Both Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige, have the ambition to not conflict the storyline for each season with any future X-Men film. While this series is still in early development, the series could explore storylines such as Old Man Logan, Enemy of the State, and the famous Japan storyline. This series would be part of the MCU as well, with references and easter eggs. Reports say that no cast, director, or showrunner is attached to the project; something Marvel Studios is expected to announce later this year.

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Source: TheHastagShow.com

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