Invincible (2021-): Season 1

Title: Invincible 
Year: 2021
Genre: Action | Animation | Drama |
Runtime: 45 min/Episode
Creator: Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Cory Walker
Starring: Steven Yeun, J.K Simmons, Sandra Oh


An adult animated series based on the Skybound/Image comic about a teenager whose father is the most powerful superhero on the planet.


People seem to have the wrong perception of animation as a genre. That it’s just for children, but there is plenty of adult animation series and films that make a higher appeal to mature audiences. Several animated series have had strong outcomes for their target audience. Adult animation has evolved into its own genre lately. The latest incarnation of Rick and Morty, F is for family, BoJack Horseman; These are just a few examples that’s it works. Do you have an adult animation where violence profanity and adult themes are all aspects of the production? Most of these animated series are already finished or halfway through their run, but not Invincible. Its gory, violent superhero world has just begun its success. With double renewed seasons, it ramen up to be an instant classic series. With related characters, stellar voice acting, and intriguing storyline, it’s going to be a will ride to follow. It takes place in an already established world where superheroes are a common thing, our protagonist Mark Grayson grows up in this world, a mature and horrifying world. But it’s also a perspective on high-school trouble which is a common thing in adventure series, especially for teenagers, and the themes of friendship, parenting, and love.

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It’s obvious that the creator knows these characters as it’s based on their own comicbook-series that run at the beginning of the millennium. Kirkman who also wrote this original series for Amazon Studios, wrote the comic that The Walking Dead is based on. The character is likable and it enhancing through the strong voice-acting from the trio that plays the Grayson family; Yeun, Simmons, Oh.  It’s noticeable who Simmons is in this series. He is the Omega-Man; the most powerful superhero on earth and he has such power in his acting that he steals every scene he’s and the character himself has a strong resemblance of himself. Yeun is a veteran in voice-acting and gives it good performance. Sandra Oh’s character has also power but isn’t included that much and just plays a strong supporting character as the mother and wife. One thing that I myself am grateful for is the extended length every episode of the series has. It runs almost an hour every episode which keeps the action and drama intact.

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Overall, It has decent comedic timing, the animation is superb even with the gory scenes playing out, and the voice acting is one of the best. Ìt’s not for a younger audience for sure but for adults? It’s a good blending of animated adventure, gory horror, and strong drama, and the best of all it’s just the first season.



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