The streaming services have caused us to change the behaviors in the way we watch our favorite programs and movies. The services have grown rapidly like a weed, challenging traditional tv-watching. Many of these services have shown their capacity in the growth of subscribers and the attention worldwide by getting awards for their content. This is an article series covering an in-depth look at services, available in several continents; Amazon, AppleTV Plus, DisneyPlus, HBO, Netflix, and Paramount Plus. Purposely, to show the difference and compare these services. A series published with weekly intervals.

Amazon as e-commerce has in many ways revolutionized the internet and internet shopping that is the norm today, even within the pandemic, Amazon as a company has grown. The company from the 90s has established on the internet and has become an industry in itself. Even those customers not buying or using Amazon as a service, probably know what kind of services it offers. also owns IMDb; the leading search engine platform for all movies and TVs out there.

After the establishment and expansion of Netflix and HBO, Amazon as a streaming service and now a full-blown studio has evolved to become one of the major players. It has selected content that frames most of the borrowed content, like old series and films. There’s some original content but it’s like the service ain’t’ there yet. They are original an E-shop, so compared to the other services in the series, it has a low degree of its own content.

The fee differs all between $5,99 to $6,49 plus taxes. The current membership fees are $12,99/month plus taxes, $119/year, or $8.99 for Amazon Prime. There is also a difference between the company’s  Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime. Just like DisneyPlus,  Amazon has a yearly membership, which is a one-time fee that Netflix does not have. The service also operates in over 200 countries, more than most entertainment.

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Just like the competition, this service has evolved to what it’s today. Netflix was initial a movie-rental service, Disney has evolved from the cartoon, animated films to feature films and now a streaming service. Amazon begun as E-shop and has earned big money and invested a lot to get the content they need to attract enough viewers to make their business lucrative.

Content Amazon original has is not much in context to Netflix. Amazon is late in the game. It has Jack Ryan,  Bosch, The Boys and The Lord of the Rings. All series, yes. Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm, Sound of Metal, Beautiful Boy is one of the more popular original movies. The exchange of content does not that much like what Netflix does, a company that switches licenses often for the content. The outcome of the library doesn’t extend as much as the other services however the strong pursuit seems to be TV series, not so much in the Film-department yet, despite being an Oscars-Winner for Sound of Metal.


Screenshot: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

The functionality that comes with this service is more integrated and more adaptive compare to its competitors. With its trivial asset of information, that in real-time informs and instructs facts and information on the program you’re watching. There’s a download function available, with subtitles and a speedy connection which is fairly appreciated. There’s also a Q&A side on the website which could be helpful for any issues. There’s an easily visible layout available, with titles in the context of the content. It doesn’t try to be funny or make the customer nauseated with fancy titles like Netflix. There’s a decent flow in playing, and the resume function doesn’t push back 15 seconds like DisneyPlus when you continue to watch.  The subtitles are there’s with a wide variety of translations. A more integrated and understandable player interface to play the desired program. However, a lot of series are only half-seasons and not many are complete which leaves you unsatisfied. The exclusivity and deep feeling that Netflix has when absorbing the material, doesn’t exist in this streamer.


The X-ray function can come in handy when you want information direct-handed in real-time but can be tedious at times as well. The functions are based on facts on the program, the show, and the trivia behind the program as well. A nerdy function that should have a disable button as well. It exists on the competitors but not as large, and when you scroll over the timeline of the episode and you might see a medium-sized thumbnail of the scene, the thumbnail takes a large portion of the timeline and doesn’t show any adequate function for the streamer, being in that size.


The technology is on-front for Amazon Prime Video.  They have a  good internet connection to replay the program that doesn’t buffer, good resume function, and has a decent portfolio of content to watch but lacks a variety of original programming.  The original content is on-ward and coming, however, the interface of the whole site as a streamer feels sloppy and doesn’t appeal that much with the integrated grid layout of its different genres.  The build doesn’t integrate that well with the player, as it’s just a B-build of the shopping cart, it’s a second-hand player that you pay a decent fee for. Amazon Prime Video is reasonably cheap for what it offers. It doesn’t have the premium entertainment as wanted, however, with the trial and the yearly sum, it could be worth returning to the site.  It doesn’t mean it’s without its flaws here. Ìt feels cheap, it’s cheap and therefore sells itself as a mediocre streamer.  But I hope they can turn the tide when the new Lord of the Rings – series hit the streamer.

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