Warner Bros. Pictures has had a strong position as a Hollywood studio for over a hundred years. Over this time, the company itself has become an asset on the global market, featuring thousands of movies over the year, earning several prestigious awards.

In May 2021, a year has passed as the streaming service AT&T owns HBO Max since the launch. A launch that has gathered millions of subscribers is described as the company itself.

“The platform has undergone a remarkable evolution and hit several significant benchmarks, adding 11.1 million HBO/HBO Max subscribers over the past year to surpass 44 million in the US (as of end of Q1). Not only is the platform seeing a rapidly growing user base, but our viewers are more engaged than ever: we have seen up to a 70% increase in audience engagement vs. HBO Go or Now*, and the average time it takes a user to click play after logging into the platform is down to 100 seconds. From indulging in the highly-anticipated “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” to binge-watching “The Flight Attendant” and “Friends,” to streaming the new Warner Bros. theatrical releases, the platform has become a “go-to” for all audiences. “

It’s just not WarnerMedia that has something to say in this manner. Even other sub-sided companies include even more brands to the global company such Adult Swim, Boomerang, CNN, HBO Max, HBO, TBS, TCM, TNT, truTV, TurnerSports, and Warner Bros.  And of course, below these major brands have their own segregation and departments.

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Courtesy of WarnerMedia

Compared to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and DisneyPlus, WarnerMedia is probably one of the more natural choices to go digital. As it has already been a part of the show business and film entertainment as an industry, it’s also an established company that has figured out how to create a bond to the audience on a selective level, at the same time tries to shake up the business pretty wild with some inconclusive idéas. The HBO Max monthly cost is up to $15 with no free trial. Compared to HBO Nordic, it has doesn’t more have an inclusive approach for the customer with a trial. As HBO Max isn’t practically available in nordic countries and Europe, it difficult to share the optimal experience but as understandable, HBO Nordic has a similar outline but with a slimmer portfolio and doesn’t have the necessary exclusive that HBO Max has. HBO Nordic cost approximately $10 as a monthly fee, as Playmo. tv mentions.


One of the more appealing content that HBO has is Friends, The Young Pope, Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Harry Potter- movies. It has a lot of content, much to which feels empty content or a foothold until when HBO Max expands on an appreciating level.  However, the streaming services will be available for the audience to enjoy HBO Max starting June 29th.

“Our launch in Latin America and the Caribbean is the first step in our global rollout of HBO Max. We are thrilled that fans across the region will soon be able to enjoy HBO Max and its amazing collection of content. WarnerMedia is one of the most popular and trusted sources of entertainment across Latin America, and we are very excited that our global journey starts here,” commented Johannes Larcher, Head of HBO Max International.

It’s like a mocking or an insult to those users that can’t use HBO Max but instead has to use a limited, light-weighted version of an extended library. HBO Nordic is available in the Nordic countries, as the name suggests but it doesn’t mean it better or just like HBO Max as it’s expected to be. The fact is just US user that has access to this content doesn’t make it easier to evaluate the content and its functions.

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Often so, the HBO Nordic app, which is available as a web browser; IOS app, and Android app and console, has often crashed and been put away as it doesn’t have an appealing interaction. This is much because of the layout.  It presents a small portfolio of contents.  The constant crashes and the good navigation in the services, don’t improve the use of the service.  It has like many other services that have been part of this article series, a kid-section, search function, download for offline viewing, and a watchlist.

This is also one of the scarce streaming services that have a dedicated Watchlist button. You know, the function where your selected content ends up in an endless list which you cant’ watch. It has subtitles, yes, and a player but nothing else once you play up your content. You can resume the content at a later moment as well. It doesn’t have the 30-sec delay from the resumed checkpoint like DisneyPlus has.

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HBO Max global launch has put a hold on an extensive library of content that would have a strong appeal, and with several episodes of beloved TV-Series and movies, making HBO Nordic just a demo-version of what it could be; an intermittent limited-version. The real thing should come alive during the fall this year, at least if you want to believe WarnerMedia’s upcoming plans. The price is reasonable, but for what it is and what you get, it might be even too expensive. The current version of it (HBO Nordic) doesn’t even have the necessary library to make a follow-up and a continuous subscriber, and it does not have a yearly subscription.

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