Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994-1998)

Title: Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Year: 2021

Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation|

Season: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |5 |

Runtime:  22 min

Creator: John Stamper

Starring: Christopher Daniel Barnes, Sara Ballantine, Edward Asner





After being bitten by a radioactive spider, young Peter Parker finds that he now has spider-like superpowers. Hoping to use his newfound abilities for wealth and fame, he lets his ego blind him to the needs of others, and indirectly causes the death of his uncle, Ben when he refuses to help a police officer catch a fleeing criminal. Humbled by his failure, he resolves to use his talents for fighting crime and becomes the superhero Spider-Man. While he fights assorted super-villains, Peter also must balance his personal life, including his girlfriend Mary Jane, his job as a photographer at the Daily Bugle, and an editor who has convinced himself that Spider-man is a criminal that has to be brought down.

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Once the opportunity stroke of seeing this classic animated show exploring the personal and web-slinging life of Peter Parker, it remarks after twenty years a life-long impact the series has had on comic-book adapted animated TV-Series. The approach of the series is simple. It ran for five seasons, which is about sixty to seventy episodes, with a lot of plot taken from the comics, making a more accurate and more of a pinpointed adaption of this New Yorker.  Mary Jane Watson and May Parker is strong character occasionally. Ben is still dead once the series has started and with Peter Parker flashbacks, we get to know the character beyond the films we’re most aware of.

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It plays with the idea of Peter Parker as a superhero, sharing his inner thoughts and some episodes are run in the same theme or different parts. More than once the villains return to create havoc in New York, whereas Parker tries to save the innocent and declare himself a hero once more.  Being a children’s animated superhero series from the 90s, it resonates with adult and mature audiences as well, perhaps because it has a nostalgic freshness.

It’s doesn’t have the darkness that Batman: The Animated Series had but Spider-Man: The Animated Series still has had an impact on how we consider animation as a medium.  The casting works not always perfectly but decent enough to make you feel comfortable with the voice acting. The animated sometimes more to desire but it works for what it’s when being streamed on DisneyPlus.

Despite its roughness, cheesy plotlines, and characters, this interpretation of Peter Parker and Spider-Man works mostly because it’s the truest to itself. It was produced by creator and legend Stan Lee, and it shows in the series as well. If it would for him, the series would have the major impact it has on children growing up with the series and the children watching it today. John Semper shows what it takes to get when investing time and money, who has been the solid rock through the series and gives the character from the comics an honest treatment.

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