Title: Final Space

Year: 2018-

Genre:  Action | Adventure | Animation |

Seasons: 1 |2| 3 |

Runtime: 30 min/Episode

Created by: Olan Rogers, David Sacks

Starring:   Fred Armisen, Tom Kenny, Olan Rogers

imdb 8,3/10

A month after rescuing Quinn Ergon from her prison, Gary Goodspeed, the Team Squad, and Bolo find themselves trapped within the horrific dimension of Final Space, with everything being only a question of survival. Pursued relentlessly by Invictus, the newly resurrected Lord Commander, and the Titans, all determined to capture Mooncake to become even more powerful, the Team Squad’s only hope is to ally themselves with Earth’s last survivor before it’s too late.



The second season-finale of Final Space ended on a cliffhanger, one that made the series hanging on a thread until its premiere this year featuring 13 episodes. The plot continues the plot where Gary, Quinn, and the gang is still trapped in the vacuum called Final Space and throughout the whole series, they try to get out of Final Space. Most of the third series has been done remotely, at least according to the series creator Olan Rogers, who provides most voice-acting and script and producing, channeling progress on social media.  The series is still not released on Netflix with the new release but should land there at some times.

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Some animation in the early episodes is staggering and doesn’t apply the significant effort the producers provided in the first season. Maybe it’s because of the remote work, they failed to keep the quality up in the animation department.  But the script is surprisingly good and the twist comes when needed. The over-the-top comedy is toned down and doesn’t exaggerate as much they did in the two first seasons.

As Gary and Quinn are trapped in Final Space, it slowly progresses to an emotional action-adventure with an intense and charming action-adventure where characters fill their shoes deeply and the dramatic connection between these characters and knowing them after 38 episodes, it’s a captivating story. It has some plot twist, more surprising than other but this is one of the animated TV-series that manage to captivate and keep the plot twist still interesting when the end credits rolls. A few surprises and interesting storytelling and this season have a more straight line as a season, something the second season didn’t do. There’s a lot of a darker tone presented in the season which is appreciated.

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Overall, the experience is interesting enough to push through the whole season with good humor-writing and fascinating characterization. The acting feels good as usual but it’s a more spontaneous impact in the episodes moving between earth and other planets. Some episodes don’t strike as good as they could be. However, there’s no news of a fourth season but the impact of the ending of this series should peak with the dramatic ending.



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