The Kominsky Method
Year: 2021
Genre: Comedy  | Drama |
1 | 2| 3|
Chuck Lorre
Michael Douglas, Sarah Baker, Alan Arkin


He may be in his twilight years, but aging acting coach Sandy Kominsky isn’t ready to ride off into the sunset just yet. The once-famous Kominsky and his longtime agent, Norman Newlander, keep each other laughing as they tackle the curveballs that life throws at them while navigating their later years in Los Angeles, a city that values youth and beauty. 


The Kominsky Method has often had the balanced act between comedy and drama. After the departure of Alan Arkin who now has been a part of the series up to his demise off-screen.  The story of this final season follows the grief after Norman and the wedding between Martin and Mindy.  It does wrap up this small series in a bittersweet way concluding stories it has been building up since its inception back in 2018. Questions get answered just like expected.

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Many TV series do not do that. Many do not give a shit about concluding their series but not this one. They cared for these characters even if the storyline feels familiar and predictable, it wraps up nicely with these characters. Too bad that Alan Arkin was not a part of it. How he died is never, during the sixth-episode season, revealed. Which is a shame.

But the series ended on a good note and most of the series surrounded Norman and Sandy’s friendship and their lives. It uses modern stereotypes and twists them in a new way. Jokes about the strange woke culture are a common thing in the series, even within the series before. It’s appreciated that the series can be series when needed and deliver rightfully jokes at the same time.

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You do not need a fucking laugh track for that. Some guest stars are included as well as Kathleen Turner, Morgan Freeman, and Jon Cryer. Morgan Freemans felt weird and a little out of the place, but it was a short guest role that didn’t affect overall of the series. Turner’s role had some impact on the family as she played his ex-wife and there is some vague chemistry there as well. Michael Douglas is still best in the series even if the two other series were far better. He has a calm performance and feels comfortable in the role of Sandy Kominsky. It ended on a good note, probably one of the better original drama-comedy series Netflix has to offer.

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