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Arthur Mitchell from Dexter’s Season 4 is set to return in the new revival of Dexter.

 It’s only a short role for John Lithgow as he will only play the serial killer Arthur Mitchell for a day next week. The return of Dexter debuts on Showtime this fall with Michael C. Hall also the return as the lead. Although, Dexter killed him in the season 4 finale, so it would be a miracle for him to return. Hall has mentioned that The reboot with 10 episodes could premiere on November 7th, but it’s not confirmed yet.

According to showrunner Clyde Philips, has said that Mitchell will return as part of the larger narrative. To speculate, it would only mean some flashback or dream sequence for the larger narrative. Showtime has not commented on the casting of the fan-favourite nemesis to Dexter morgan. Lithgow has won six Emmys, two Golden Globes, three SAG Awards and two Tonys, received two Oscar-nomination during his career.

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