How To Become A Tyrant (2021-): Season 1

Title: How To Become A Tyrant
Year: 2021
Genre: Biography | Documentary  | History |
1 |
Peter Dinklage


The narrator goads that everybody wants absolute power to transform the society to their liking and proceeds to explain how such power can be obtained and sustained. The docu-series proceeds to analyze biographies of historical dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, Muammar Gaddafi, Kim Il-sung, Idi Amin and Saddam Hussein.


It’s sometimes hard to understand why dictators do what they do. Often there is a momentum that releases their frustration leading them all to try to take over the world. This informative, cynical, satiric docu-series with fact-based storytelling, animation and experts talking like it would mean something. On top of that, Peter Dinklage narrates from a script that mocks and insults you in an introductory course to become a tyrant and dictator.

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The sardonic tone works well together with how they present from the political playbook in how to become a dictator and a ruler. The animation is captivating in how it instructs and tell how it could have been and works as a complement with the archive footage as well. Another positive impact of this docuseries is that it feels compact and clean. The short runtime for each episode has an interesting aspect as it covers what each dictator did and how they came to power, and along with the episodes, it compares in between the leaders on how they dictated. There’s the tone of documentaries on Hitler and Stalin and Kim-dynasty in North Korea but it is refreshing to have an origin story on the other leaders.

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Peter Dinklage elevates the docuseries to the next level with it is draught ironic and compelling voice. He captures a deep and sensible voice and aligns the story in the right direction. He has the ability to give seriousness when speaking of the horrible, tragic outcome of these dictator’s leadership and the effect on people. It is informative and despite it only has a half-hour it sure is entertaining but it’s never going deep.

A lot of the storytelling goes to explain the rules and comparing the leadership between the tyrants as it follows an ironic and sarcastic political playbook on how to destroy a country. There is some new information delivered but nothing much and not all these men are interesting, and some take more place in history than others.  Interesting as well is that all these six men with either bad haircuts or moustaches have something in common. That they are all will lose power and that their illuminated vision will crack or burst at some time. In the end, they are all narcissistic.

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