Title: Myth & Mogul: John DeLorean

Year: 2021

Genre:  Biography | Crime | Documentary |

Seasons: 1|

Runtime:   50 min/ episode

Director:  Mike Connolly

Starring: John Delorean,  Zach Delorean, Nick Sutton



In the automotive world, John DeLorean rose from engineer to executive to icon. But under the hood of his self-created legend lies darkness and deceit.



With so many streaming services out there, just like different brands of smartphones, shoes or cars, whatever Netflix puts out its meaning. It’s just one in the masses. There is no reason to wait to month for a new season of favourite series when a different service offers the same earlier on with a lower price. The exclusivity that Netflix once had when waiting for the new season of House of Cards were available on the expensive platform is erased. It’s not just erased, it wiped out. Cause you can always find other series and movies in a better place. Netflix seems to hire all kinds of trash of directors and producers to make their content available. The docuseries has dropped significantly in quality lately and moved probably to other streaming services. The Crown is probably the only one to maintain high quality through its seasons.

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 But Netflix TV series Myth & Mogul: John DeLorean showcases the private life and the business life during his career. This voice-less mini docu-series, it tries to mimic Delorean himself. As the narration goes on, it relies heavily on cheesy interviews that don’t mean anything.  A lot of journalist comments, writers as well as some irrelevant documentary filmmaking. It gives a piece of good, decent information but no one relevant does except family members.

Not to mention the overproduced episodes, with obnoxious visual style, annoys over all three episodes. With unnecessary title cards, big letters and stylistic choices that don’t add anything to the series or anything about John himself. The editing makes it also hard to follow it chronologically, it jumps back and forth between years and there is a horrible jazz soundtrack over some scenes and archive footage. The narrative is fuzzy throughout the whole series. It doesn’t really sweep you in as you might hope. John Delorean is built up as a successful businessman and engineer that lost everything in the end by ending up in prison. The IRA in Northern Ireland is interesting but it’s shortwinded.

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It leaves a bitter aftertaste. Nothing new out the man is presented, maybe it is just because John Delorean wasn’t an interesting figure. Maybe that is why the whole docuseries is partly political, crime-based and documentarian with footage on Margaret Thatcher and IRA – bombings in Ireland. The British perspective doesn’t really make sense when it’s an American it’s all about. But when the British Government gets involved, it all changes.



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