Two South Park-Movies Released Before Years End

Courtesy of Comedy Central

South Park plans to release two features in four months, as a part of multiple deals with Viacom CBS and Paramount Plus. 

The animated long-lived series has a deal to deliver 14 films to Paramount Plus, ViacomCBS streaming service in four months, according to an announcement today by Chief Programming Officer at ViacomCBS Streaming Tanya Giles. This means that the animated sitcom will be delivering two films a year until 2027 to the streaming service.  This is also an addition to the deal to produce six more seasons as well.

One thesis is that the two films subject the pandemic. Co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have said that they developed a partnership with ViacomCBS.

“Comedy Central has been our home for 25 years and we’re really happy that they’ve made a commitment to us for the next 75 years,” the pair shared in a statement according to “When we came to ViacomCBS with a different way to produce the show during the pandemic, Chris, Nina, Keyes, and Tanya were immediately supportive and enabled us to try something new that turned out to be really well received.”

With just four months left of the year, we should get an update pretty soon on two movies and their launch.  The series has so far produced 309 episodes since its debut on August 13, 1997

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