MCU Halloween Rumours With Major Spoilers

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As the headlines indicate, they have circled major potential spoilers around for the upcoming projects at Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As it’s rumour/news on Reddit, some plot points give away more information than needed but as usual, this site is not for the weak for the spoilers…

Most are DisneyPlus series like about She-Hulk, Moon Knight, Black Panther 2 and that Jim Carrey will play M.O.D.O.K. in the upcoming She-Hulk and Ant-Man 3, but that’s not verified yet.

In She-Hulk, Tim Roth returns as Abomination/Emil Blonsky, Jameela Jamil as Titania is the main villain. William Hurt returns and Jon Bass is also in the series. Charlie Cox returns as Daredevil but as a different version. Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) won’t return. Jennifer will also help Hulk (Bruce Banner), that’s why he’s in the post-credit scene in Shang-Chi. In Black Panther 2, Okoye wears the Black Panther suit part of the movie. Dwayne Johnson has visited the set several times, unclear whether he has a role in this film. Mahershala Ali (Blade) will appear in Oscar Isaac–lead Moon Knight. Dracula is the main villain, played by Ethan Hawke. John C. Reilly, from Guardians of the Galaxy survives.

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Marvel Studios big boss Kevin Feige despises rumours and could change these rumours in an instance.


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