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The second season of Squid Game is on the roll after its tremendous popularity since it debuts on Netflix in September. Many kid games have an elimination method, but in this series, it has a deadly outcome with gruesome violence.

There are a lot of kid games and variations of those could be used in the upcoming series. Speculative, there are even odds whether which of these kids’ games will be featured in the upcoming anticipating series, which won’t have premiered at least by 2023. The Swedish betting site has set odds on which of these games might show up in season 2.


Hide and Seek 1,10

Tag 1,66

Musical Chairs 2,00

Simon Says 4,00

Marbles 5,50

Hopscotch 7,00

Blind Man’s Buff 8,00

Conkers 21,00

British Bulldogs 34,00

Considering that the whole TV-Series concept is based on the elimination rule leading up to a finale between two people, the fourth first odds is most likely to be featured in the upcoming season. But this remains to be seen. As this series is filled with twists and turns with a violent outcome, so a lot might change. Hide and Seek with a deadly twist might be a winner either way.

This article is based on a survey that the betting site has done, announced in a press release.

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