Landscapers (2021)

Title: Landscapers

Year: 2021

Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama |

Season: 1|

Runtime: 193 min

Creator: Will Sharpe, Ed Sinclair

Starring: David Thewlis, Olivia Colman,
Katie O’Flynn


A devoted and mild-mannered British couple becomes the focus of an extraordinary investigation when two dead bodies are discovered in the back garden of a house in England.


HBO’s Landscapers are an abysmal experience in the terms of filmmaking and adapting a true crime story as it presents itself. Despite the stellar duo, English actors David Thewlis and Olivia Colman, who both have earned an established name in the leading roles; the untimely additions from the producers and the filmmaking team drown both performances out. This generous addition of weird framing, black and white colouring, and fantasies of the golden Wild West from Colman’s Susan’s vivid flashbacks.

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As the ending is already pointed out during the first intro, the rest of the journey is partly explainers with a determined duo and a cast of police officers whose intelligence seems to be aligned with the police officers from the Police Academy. They flick around, swear, and don’t do a lot of proactive work. Their no-call-to-ambition seems incoherent and flawed compared to the cast’ prior works.

The jumps back and forth of memories and flashbacks give the plot of themselves unsolidified unrest. The story goes back and forth between the police officers and the couple that killed Susan’s parents and buried them in the backyard. The comedy part seems unnecessary as the whole deal loses its meaning. This mini-TV series gives in the right to the momentum of becoming a UK police series with scenes that are all too familiar. Colman’s performance gives a shining light of a naïve woman who is unfamiliar with the new surroundings while Thewlis plays a Christopher that has wit and charm combined with an unsettling smile. As the story progress, we go slightly deeper to the mind of the Edward couples. Even being incarcerated, Susan doesn’t play by the same rule as her husband.

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This documentary drama, with a soft, small budget, gives a mere insight into the brutal and untimely boundaries as they forced them on Susan’s mother and killed her. The end credits showing archive-documentary about the real killers add a little more depth to the drama in an obscure fantasy world with glorified filmmaking that takes a long time before presenting the premises.


Grade 2 of 5

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