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Netflix adds both Mark Ruffalo and Hugh Laurie to the limited series All the Light That We Cannot See, adapted from Anthony Doerr’s novel, which has won Pulitzer Prize.

Ruffalo is playing the father – Daniel LeBlanc of Marie-Laure (a blind french teenager) while Laurie is playing Etienne LeBlanc, Daniel’s uncle. Ruffalo is playing a caring, calmer father figure while Laurie’s character is a reclusive WWI hero, suffering from PTSD. The German boy Werner, who’s passed Marie Laure’s road, is not yet cast.

Steven Knight, from Peaky Blinders, is adapting the beloved novel into a four-part limited series. Shawn Levy will direct all the four-episode. Both Knight and Levy will be executive produce with 21 Laps Dan Levine and Josh Barry. Joe Streechay acts as a blindness and accessibility consultant and an associate producer. No date for when filming start is not set.

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