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The TV-Series from Noah Hawley will take place before any of the films that made Sigourney Weaver famous.

John Landgraf, FX Chief, updates that Weaver’s Ripley won’t take place in the series created by Noah Hawley. The original films produced by both Ridley Scott and James Cameron will not be in the timeline of the series. The series will instead take place beforehand anything that has happened in the film and has been now given the prequel status with no cast or characters returning beside the monster itself.

“Alien takes place before Ripley. It’s the first story that takes place in the Alien franchise on Earth,” said Landgraf, “So, it takes place on our planet. Right near the end of this century we’re in, so 70 odd years from now.”

Noah Hawley has also been working on Fargo before and will start filming this project after shooting the new season of Fargo.

“Noah has this incredible ability, and I think you’ve seen it with Fargo, to both find a way of being faithful, showing fidelity to an original creation like a Coen brothers’ movie or in this case, Ridley Scott’s and James Cameron’s follow-up, Aliens, but also to bring something new to the table that represents extension and reinvention of a franchise at the same time,” he added.

The series has been in development for some time now, and from what it looks like, it will not air for some years.

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