The South Korean horror drama All of us Is Dead doesn’t hold back for gory, brutal, realistic violence but also tempers with high-school drama, friendship and loving relationships which adds something different to the old Zombie genre. Even with the occasional weird, quirky characters the series adds something charming to the stereotypes that fill the outdated themes those Zombie-stories have. As it takes place in a high school with students with inter-tangled and complicated relationships, it rushes to the rage of infectious zombie hordes killing each other savagely, brutally and with gory blood.

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It’s high-school drama and thoughtful mind-games and selfish acts, it strikes out as a series that could go far in popularity. It’s the theme, and the school adds a new level of complexity fighting the virus and the stream of the undead falling through windows its quick motion unheard of. Compared to the American zombies, these dead walkers are far more dangerous than the ones in The Walking Dead. They’re angry, vicious and quick just as seen in Train to Busan.

The visual is staggering at some point as you can see the template for the green screen used in certain scenes. But this error doesn’t affect the overall quality of the series. The editing keeps the pace intact and with new angles and points of view, it never gets boring as the producers try to find new ways to tell the story with other characters. Not all slow-mo effects are working sensibly.  Even after four episodes, there’s too much character to keep track of. We get small instances of flashbacks to rely on or understand these characters better. This works slightly as it’s difficult to keep the plot going. 

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The massacre at the school becomes inevitable as it spreads and strikes hard. Fighting the undead unveils a different story beneath all the horror with bullying and loneliness that’s far more tendering than expected. Despite the rain of profanity and destructive language, the series proved to have a far more innovative plot not using their gun from the first scene like in those American zombie series. The students make the apocalypse more chilling in some situations, talking like everything is okay and suddenly being attacked by an infectious classmate. The script is weak at some point but when the action strikes; it is far more entertaining than most horror series.

The series keeps the acting intact with great performances by the main ensemble of actors. There’s no real depth in feeling to understand these characters as the series occurs during a few days. One thing that should be gratified is morality, a humane deep theme that this series has succeeded in capturing, despite the ongoing apocalypse. This fast-paced series keeps grabbing captured and making you think what the hell happened during the end credits. Despite the series tags the end of the world, there’s still some light of humanity in the series by the last scene even if it is vague.

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