Pam & Tommy (2022)

Title:  Pam & Tommy

Year: 2022

Genre:  Biography  | Drama  | Romance  |

Seasons: 1 |

Runtime:  5h 40 min

Director: Robert Siegel

Starring: Lily James, Sebastian Stan, Seth Rogen


Follows the story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s relationship, going back to the whirlwind romance that started with them marrying after only knowing each other for 96 hours in 1995.



We know by default that Sebastian Stand and Lily James portray the trouble key-couple in the biographic series about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, based on an article about their sex tape that caused a frenzy among audiences interested in porn.

It takes place during the 90s, the uneven decade where the revolution of the internet has not yet started to grow but the World Wide Web was out there. And as it’s portrayed a dominant deal of Pamela’s side of the story, it follows Tommy as well just like Rand. Rand was the carpenter that stole their sex tape and copied it. But Pamela’s part is far more visible and deep compared to the other key characters. She’s the vulnerable sacrifice for Tommy’s neglected behaviour with being impulsive and angry, yelling at Pamela. Rand tries first to sell and spread the tape to later regrets when he releases the pain he caused, mostly on Anderson.

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Lily James embodies truly the very essence of Pamela Anderson, the soft speaking, and the way he performs in some scenes is mesmerizing and sells the role believable. Sebastian Stan doesn’t have the effect on you, instead, he imitates that role and doesn’t really add the frantic aggression Lee has. It’s more like Stan pretending to play a role that imitates Lee. He’s good for sure and occasionally frightening but he’s nothing compared to the emotional impact that James provides into the series.

Each actor has makeups, fake-boobs, fake-penis and teeth and fake hair, but in the end, they combined has a certain disastrous relationship that probably resembles not far-off from the real couple. They still have nice chemistry, and their personalities resonate in one way or the other with the originals.

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Then we’ve Seth Rogen as Rand, who hasn’t been the best actor in Hollywood but still gets noteworthy roles that he handles not that great. At his best, he’s abysmal in this series but compared to other roles Rogen has had in his career, his performance still relates to the person he is based on and the original Rand’s naivety. It’s a nuanced series, with deep insight into Pam and Tommy’s relationship confronting their darkest emotions and the roller-coaster of a relationship. It’s an NSFW series pounding out profanities, graphic imagery, and adult themes that are not suitable for a younger audience.

However, it blends fun with drama and lay hands on the scandal that become a worldwide sensation of the 1990s.

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