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Seth MacFarlane’s TV adaptation of Ted has finally found its cast and the showrunner.

 Ted, the foul-mouthed teddy bear, played by Seth MacFarlane returns to reprise the role that he played in two Ted – Movies. MacFarlane will also serve as an executive producer, director, and co-showrunner. He’s accompanied by Giorgia Whigham, Max Burkholder and Scott Grimes. Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh from Modern Family have joined the crew as co-showrunner, writers, and executive producers. Peacock ordered the series first in June 2021. Ted takes place in 1993 and will be focused on a 16-years old John Bennett and Ted as the teddy bear guiding him through his teen year.

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Max Burkholder will play the lead role of John Bennett. Giorgia Whigham will be playing John’s smart cousin Blaire Bennett. Scott Grimes plays Matty Bennett, the father of the family and the uncle to Blaire Bennett. MacFarlane and Erica Huggins are all executives producing the show through Fuzzy Door. The first movie of Ted was released in 2012, earning $550 million with a $65 million budget. The sequel from 2015, grossed $215 million.

MacFarlane’s Ted marks the second show in an overall TV deal with Peacock. The films were produced by Universal Pictures and MRC Films. Given the news, the show will be first from 2023.

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