Twelve Days Later: Academy Bans Will Smith For 10 Years

Courtesy of GettyImages

At the Academy Awards Ceremony, aka The Oscars 94th ceremony Will Smith and Chris Rock became the most talked subjects clouding most of the winners of the night.

While most viewers remember the slap more than the winners, the Academy has finally decided a decision that probably. The result of the slap was an inconvenient joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head from Rock and a slap from Smith plus the profanities he yelled out in front of the cameras of the world on March 27th, 2022.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences officially banned Will Smith from attending the ceremony or anything associated with the organization. Smith has also resigned from his post as well.  Dawn Hudson, The Academy CEO, President David Rubin and the producer Will Packer have failed to remove the Will Smith from Dolby Theatre during the ceremony. Smith is reported to have refused to be removed when asked by the personnel. It took first until Monday after the ceremony when he apologized to Chris Rock publicly on Instagram.

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The viewership of the Academy has been at a historical low for a long time. This desperate year didn’t ramp up the number as it used to be, despite the historical moment when Will Smith entered the scene and slap Chris Rock. A moment that will echo for a long time.


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