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Title:  Everything Everywhere All At Once
Year: 2022
Genre:  Action | Adventure | Comedy |
Runtime: 139 min
Director: Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert
Starring:  Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, James Hong


 Everything Everywhere All at Once challenges the conventional storytelling, that we’ve been used to in cinema with its aesthetic power of visual sense in a comic-relief in matrix-themed bonanza dealing with consequences for jumping in between all the jumping paths. This matrix-multiverse goes bizarre at several moments with giants’ dildos, buttplugs, kung-fu and the charm of Michelle Yeoh, who is a sort of weirdly brilliant in this low-key visceral comedy.

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Even with the decent, not great visual effects, it has its function. It doesn’t become an overkill or exaggerated like with Marvel films or DC Comics, where every single frame is almost infected with visual effects. As it reminds of Doctor Strange with Multiverse, it’s also connected, just like with the inception, like the trippy scenes or the imaginary concepts of strange new realities.

Michelle Yeoh, as Evelyn Wang, makes a remarkable performance in a film that might become confused for the audience, not aware of the plot. But it’s simple. An ageing woman becomes aware that she can get skills from other realities, other universes only to fight someone and save the universes. Also to get back her daughter. Ke Huy Quan as Waymond Wang makes also plays an interesting role as Evelyn, who is new and trying to understand this new, confusing situation. He’s a convincing father, who is both human and Evelyn’s guide in the multiverse.

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At sometime it’s stupid, weird stuff happening, exaggerating and making the black comedy not funny than the opposite. The drama works fine. It’s entertaining for sure. The editing makes it not boring and has a pace that works for the film. Even in the most advanced prosperity, the Daniels delivers their directing by combining the wonderful editing work. This doesn’t go with saying that the effects are on the downside. It’s good, but not all convincing. The visual effects team was, after all, just nine working on the film, including the two directors.

It’s a film with heart, comedy, good pace, and a charming adventure with a longing twist by the end. It was definitely worth the watch, but maybe didn’t grip me the way I wanted it to be. It also pushes boundaries with some original ideas in a dry creative landscape on the east coast of America.

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