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Title: The Boys

Year: 2020

Genre:  Action | Crime | Drama |

Seasons: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Runtime:  60 min/episode

Creator: Eric Kripke

Starring:  Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Anthony Starr




In hiding, Hughie, Mother’s Milk, Frenchie, and Kimiko try to adjust to a new normal, with Butcher nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Starlight must navigate her place in The Seven as Homelander sets his sights on taking complete control. His power is threatened with the addition of Stormfront, a social-media-savvy new Supe, who has an agenda of her own. On top of that, the Supervillain threat takes centre stage and makes waves as Vought seeks to capitalize on the nation’s paranoia.

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The second season of The Boys follows the pragmatic storyline like the first season. There’s some development that further shines a light on the character and this bizarre world that this Amazon series has successively built up. As it deepens the relationships, it takes some strain on the character. Here’s the factor in-between the boys and Billy Butcher. There’s also a major part about his son and his wife that takes a large chunk of storytelling with some interesting twists. Homelander continues his rampage and still has his twisted ideas intact. There’s still a big controversy directed at Vought Enterprises. A new girl called Stormfront shows up as well and making havoc. The journey might be a long one in this season, but the shocks and blood are still there just like the season beforehand. Only this one, there’s Supe terrorist aka superhuman terrorist and the group is heading to kill them all.

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Kimiko takes a bigger role and her relationship with Frenchie deepens way more than in the prior story. The reason why she can’t come up. Jack Quaid still plays Hughie as this douchebag who doesn’t really cherish his girlfriend, Annie. A lot of history behind all the supes comes up to the surface which creates chaos and conflict or more secrets if you can call it that. The plots are all tangled in each other and there’s not much of a straight line this time.

The gory is still visible and the drama can still shock you, for sure but the essence of the first season is what’s missing in this season. The vigilante group doesn’t seem to know where to go or how to handle things properly. Even if there are twists and shocks it doesn’t become an overwhelming surprise. No, not at all. Although the visual effects and the performance is somewhat convincing, the plot is not. There’s so much going on in each episode that it becomes plotter and even if it involves a several-meter cock slapping around someone’s neck, the series delivers a far more weaker bunch of episodes. Don’t get me wrong the series is still entertaining, violent, and funny with dramatic twists. It’s sadly not good enough.

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