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The Simpsons have often had three parts when telling their Treehouse of Horror. For season 34, the world’s most popular series will change it and dedicate a full episode to a parody of Stephen King’s It.

Matt Selman, an executive producer for the show, revealed the change at San Diego Comic-Con. We’ll also get a double set of Treehouse of Horror.  This is the first time the series dedicates a full episode to a single story.

“We’ve never done a single fantastical, bloody, scary, dark story, told over the scope of the 20 minutes and 40 seconds that is an episode,” Selman said.

There have been hopes for a movie, but Selman has already denied that.

“These movies are not fun,” Selman said. “The show is fun. Movies are hard. The show is also hard, but a movie requires a level of audience engagement in stakes, emotion, character, comedy. It is so relentless. It sorts of stops becoming the kind of fun, silly thing that ‘The Simpsons’ is. Not that we didn’t do it once and we can’t do it again. It’s just a whole other kettle of fish.

Then there were some speculations about a The Simpsons universe. Creating a short series about a side character. Although not confirmed but some comments were made during the panel.

“We could do like a six-episode whatever,” he said. “Whatever character can sustain a six-episode plot, or shorts or a movie about a side character. I would love to do all those kinds of creative, funny things. But right now, thinking of new episodes for the mid 700s is a lot of work. It’s a big ‘Simpsons’ world out there. And there’s so many people and so many directions we could go,” he added. “It’s a crazy canvas for sure. For now, our main goal is, let’s just make every episode special and make every episode epic. Instead of announcing a movie, make every episode its own little movie in terms of the scope of its emotion and concept and idea. If every episode doesn’t have a movie-level poster, don’t do it as an episode.”

It has been also announced that Melissa McCarthy will join the 34th Season. Besides the horror episode becoming single, nothing new segments or episodes were revealed during the panel. The 34th season of The Simpsons will air in late September this year.

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Source: Variety.com

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