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Courtesy of Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images

Alec Baldwin and Olga Kurylenko join Chief of station with director Jesse V. Johnson.

The film will be written by George Mahaffey and takes place in Europe with the principal shooting starting in Budapest later this year. Baldwin will be playing a former CIA Station Chief who is forced back to the espionage world after learning that his wife’s death wasn’t an accident. The rouge agent Baldwin meets in Europe will be played by Kurylenko, helping to unravel a shocking conspiracy.

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Johnson has commented on the project:

 “I am honored to be collaborating on this epic action adventure with one of the bona-fide legends of cinema, and pairing Alec and Olga will certainly bring some on-screen magic, she is a force-of-nature,”

Steve Lee Jones will be producing the film for Bee Holder Productions and Matthew Shreder will executive produce for Concourse Media.

“Jesse continues to deliver fun escapist fare that rocks on all cylinders, and we are super excited to team him with Alec and Olga on this elevated and layered international picture which will take Alec back to some of the classic films that made him a screen icon and Olga will add the sizzle that will make this a must-see thriller.”

Johnson directed White Elephant, an action movie with Bruce Willis, Kurylenko and Michael Rooker. Prior to being a filmmaker, he was a stunt coordinator for films such as Mission Impossible 3, Planet of the Apes, Total Recall, Terminator 3 and Starship Troopers.

Source: Deadline.com


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