Title: Lightyear

Year: 2022

Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure |

Runtime: 100 min

Director: Angus MacLane

Starring:  Chris Evans, Keke Palmer, Peter Sohn


While spending years attempting to return home, marooned Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear encounters an army of ruthless robots commanded by Zurg who are attempting to steal his fuel source.


Buzz Lightyear performed in Toy Story for the nineties. This film tries to plot out an origin story for him of who he was and why he was beyond the character in the film franchise about toys. This is not that Buzz Lightyear. It appears to be a different Buzz. This is a younger humane Buzz that tries to fix things but fails each time. Then we’ve Alisha, wonderfully act by Uza but a worthless character as she doesn’t interact enough with Buzz to know her on a deep and emotional level. Izzy, her granddaughter shows up with an hour played and has no significant impact on the protagonist Buzz. The problem with this film is that it tries to explain too much just as the time dilation from Interstellar, and hyper-speed from 2001: A Space Odyssey combined with a predictable plot and an easy-going sci-fi story. In the beginning, Buzz is selfish and becomes un-selfish. He sees what couldn’t have and tries to take it back. We know from another film that he will rejoin his team and we get that Izzy will become a space ranger just like her granddaughter. A constant plague of chatter.

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Then we have the cast of Chris Evans, a plain actor. A favourite of mine but completely dull in this film. He voiced Lightyear like Captain America. From hibernating in hyper sleep to becoming a civilized hero with the confidence of his team. A leader in the end. He’s a great actor however, it’s like he doesn’t fit in this character whatsoever. It’s like only hearing Evans than Lightyear. Maybe he’s inexperienced or doesn’t know how to work with an animated character. It’s also weird that the original Tim Allen couldn’t return to voice the character. There is a lot of easter egg consisting of Pixar and other films just like there are tags and name saying that is supposed to entitle the audience. However, it feels flat. There is no conflict or villain in the film, no action pieces push Buzz in an intriguing way. Instead, we get Buzz Lightyear vs Buzz Lightyear where an old vs new – style formula provides the last act. This Zurg feels like an illusion and this film destroys that. The hidden message is written in the face with obscure obviousness.

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The only rightful good, decent thing in this mediocre failure, is the robot cat Sox that gives a sense of companionship in an exciting way. Although, I wish the cast was reconsidered. The matching doesn’t work all the way through and that’s why this film has struggled to reconcile with the audience on a deeper level. That’s why it hasn’t become the success Disney & Pixar has strived for.

However, the visual aspect of the film is flawless and the emotional impact stays after but it’s still a mediocre film and there’s a lot worse and better than this pointless feature.

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