Filmdirector Jean-Luc Godard, Age 91, Dead

Film director and film-critic Jean-Luc Godard at age 91 have passed away, family confirms.

Jean-Luc was born on December 3, 1930, and pronounced dead on 13 September 2022.  Jean-Luc started as early on as a film critic on the magazine Cahiers du Cinéma.  Some of the prominent works of Godard is Breathless, My Life to Live, Contempt, Pierrot le Fou, A Woman Is a Woman, Histoire(s) du cinéma. Jean-Luc Godard was married to Anne-Marie Miéville. His movies established the French New Wave during the 1960s.

Jean-Luc Godard died in his home, Rolle Switzerland, because  to assisted suicide-procedure. He was with close relatives at the time of death.

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