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RadicalMedia will together with Blackbird Pictures produce the documentary series in time for the mark 60th anniversary of JFK assassination in 2023.

Director and composer Ashton Gleckman from Blackbird Pictures has set to produce the docuseries of the 35th president together with RadicalMedia but with no streamer or network attached. Gleckman directed We Shall Not Die Now.

“Ashton is a truly remarkable talent and we are delighted that he has chosen us as his partners to bring this all-important series to fruition,” said Jon Kamen, CEO of RadicalMedia and executive producer. “Our shared goal for this special series is to find the right home where we can yield the largest possible audience to reflect on Kennedy’s core values, leadership style, and love for civic duty — especially for a new generation that’s sorely missing role models in the political space today.”

The producers aim to share JFK’s early life, war-career and his presidency of 1000 days. The series will include photos, behind the scenes archive footage just as audio files.  Gleckman is set to direct, write, edit and produce the series and has gained access to John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.

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