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James Wan and Jason Blum are powerhouses in talks to merge together in a company.

If this actually happens, it will mean that Blum’s company Blumhouse, would conclude its deal and benefit from its deal with Universal Pictures. Blumhouse is best known for producing Paranormal ActivityThe PurgeHalloween, Happy Death Day, SplitOuijaUnfriendedThe Exorcist, and Sinister. Atomic Monster has produced The Conjuring, Insidious, and James Wan produced Aquaman and Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom.  The latter is set to premiere in December this year. Collectively the two companies have grossed over $11.6B at the box office since 2004.

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Both companies have produced M3gan which will be released earlier in January 2023 for Universal Studios, a thriller horror. It’s directed by Gerard Johnstone, and a script written by Akela Cooper. 

Source: Deadline.com

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