SF Studios has in a press release reported that it has acquired Sandrews of 228 feature films.  

SF studios, the company that has a monopoly in the nordic distribution of cinema in Sweden and Scandinavia, has added films from Sandrews to their library.

We are happy to announce that SF Studios has acquired a film catalogue of 228 feature films produced by Sandrew Film from 1937 until 1970. SF Studios has handled the distribution of the films for nearly 10 years, but now they fully belong to SF Studios. The catalogue contains films like I Am Curious – Yellow (Jag är nyfiken – gul), Dear John (Käre John), Swing it, magistern!Love Mates (Änglar finns dom?) and many more Swedish classics. This will be an important addition to our already extensive film catalogue and makes SF Studios the owner of the greater part of Swedish film history.

This acquisition will further expand SF Studios of conquering the nordic market. The SF Studios is over 100 years old and the largest studio in Sweden and has been the main home for Ingmar Bergman films and Pippi Longstocking adventures among others.

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