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Title: The Cuphead Show!

Year: 2022

Genre: Action | Adventure | Animation |

Seasons: 1 | 2 | 3 |

Runtime: 12 min/episode

Creator: Chad Moldenhauer & Jared Moldenhauer

Starring: Tru Valentino, Frank Todaro, Joe Hanna


Follow the misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and his cautious but persuadable brother Mugman in this animated series based on the hit video game.


This series is still the same, much in the animation hasn’t changed much. After all, this is the third season or the third part of the first season, if you wanna believe Netflix in their marketing technique. This season is far more somber and more determined. It even continues where the last season ended in august and we get to see the continuation at this time.

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We get a short amount of episodes. Only eleven episodes. And it seems that the story will repeat itself, only replace it with other witty stories. Thankfully, there’s more runtime with the devil and more in the ground. There are other characters that have far more focus, which is appreciated, mostly for the variation just of it.

There are some surprises among the way, but the episodes don’t really change in their form. The runtime is still short and swift. We even get a whole episode with Charlice detailing how she made a deal with the devil and how she chose to do it in the end. The problem with the series after thirty-plus episodes, it becomes rather repetitive, doing the same plot point over and over. The series would benefit from adding some of the B-character’s perspectives, to earn a more expansive world. These attributes were added in this season like the devil, King Dice, and Charlice before connecting with the Cupheads brothers.

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It also feels like the pace is speeding up more than before. The conflict with the devil is the main plot, but most of the stories are short. Not a lot of these episodes take place at home with Old Kettle and the goat appears in some of the episodes. In terms of something new and exciting, there’s nothing really to get there. It’s still a fun series to follow and the cliffhangers still come but the thrilling watching from the first season is somewhat gone.

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