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Title: Sonic Prime

Year: 2022

Genre:  Animation | Action | Adventure |

Seasons: 1 |

Runtime:  22 min

Director: Erik Wiese

Starring: Deven Christian Mark, Ashleigh Ball, Brian Drummond


During a battle with Dr Eggman, Sonic recklessly destroys an artefact called the Paradox Prism, which destroys the universe and creates the “Shatterverse”, a void with entries to other alternate worlds called “Shatterspaces”. His first destination is a dystopian version of Green Hill called New Yoke City ruled by the Chaos Council, a group of dictators made up of five alternate versions of Eggman. There, Sonic first meets Nine, an alternate version of Tails who never met a Sonic and was bullied throughout his life, as such created seven artificial Tails for himself as a means of defence and became isolated. 

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Sonic the Hedgehog seems to trend in the pop culture world with both games, series and movies on the rise and an increased interest in the world and the characters. Netflix’s family-friendly new animated series follows Sonic the hedgehog from Green Hill and his friends in a series of adventures. It starts off with Sonic being sent to an alternative city where everything is changed and strange. Through the adventure, Sonic does his best to make his friends remember what their relationship once was.

The show is action-packed, full of humour, and has plenty of heart. The animation is stunning, and the voice cast does an amazing job of bringing their characters to life. The story arcs are engaging, and the show does a great job of introducing new characters and developing existing ones. Sonic Prime is a great show for all ages and is sure to entertain viewers of all ages.

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That said, the series does suffer from the same issue that plagues many Sonic-themed shows: a lack of character development. Sonic and his crew are likeable and endearing, but they remain static characters throughout the show. Additionally, the show relies too much on slapstick humour, which can become tiresome after a while. Overall, Sonic Prime is a fun and entertaining show that does a great job of capturing the essence of the Sonic franchise. While it could benefit from a deeper exploration of its characters, the show still offers plenty of exciting action and comedy to keep viewers engaged. The flashback is a challenge to get through; it doesn’t correlate with the overall story.

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Sonic Prime is a decent little game that Netflix attempted to turn into a full series. The problem is that the game is really basic and basic graphics were used to animate the character. This creates a very jarring difference from the show. I also think the show tries to be too clever with its storylines and it often falls flat. The show has some good moments and I’m glad it’s getting a second season, but I don’t think it’s worth the effort of watching the entire thing.


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