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Courtesy of DreamWorks/Universal Pictures

How to train your Dragon is one of Universal and DreamWork’s major assets and going live-action could further spin their IP in the right direction.

 Dean DeBlois is going to direct the whole shebang as writer, director, and producer. He did the same deal with the original animated trilogy that has inspired kids worldwide. Casting is already underway and Universal Pictures has already set March 14, 2025, as a release date.

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The whole franchise and trilogy as earned a couple of Academy Award nominations for a best-animated feature and grossed over $1.6 million at the box office. This will be Deblois’s live-action debut, and he will do this with Marc Platt whose works include Legally Blonde La La Land to the upcoming Wicked. Marc Platt will produce under Mar Platt Productions together with Adam Siegel. This would be the first time a live-action remake would be adapted by the same creator of the movies. Lexi Barta, VP of production development, has finally green-lit the project after several months.

Source: THR.com

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