Title: Koala Man

Year: 2023

Genre:  Animation | Action | Adventure |

Seasons: 1 |

Runtime:  200 min

Creators:  Michael Cusack, Dan Hernandez, Benji Samit

Starring:  Michael Cusack, Sarah Snook, Hugh Jackman



The series takes place in an alternate universe called “Bushworld”, where the sinking of the Titanic never happened, indirectly resulting in the United States of America being destroyed (except Hollywood, which became an island), Australia becoming the world’s superpower, and Nicole Kidman becoming its Queen. The story follows Kevin Williams, an average middle-aged family man who decides to issue justice to the town of Dapto as the incredibly average superhero Koala Man. Possessing no powers and a simple costume, which is apparently enough to hide his identity, Kevin encounters a variety of evildoers that wish to do harm to his town. Kevin is joined by his family who put up with his misadventures including his down-to-earth wife Vicky, his popularity-obsessed daughter Alison and his nerdy son Liam who secretly possesses psychic powers.

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