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Title: You

Year: 2023

Genre: Crime | Drama | Romance |

Seasons: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Runtime:  60 min/episode

Creator:  Greg Berlanti &  Sera Gamble

Starring:   Penn Badgely, Charlotte Ritchie, Ed Speleers

Now living in London, Joe tries to lay low and resist old habits.. until he’s forced to tie up loose ends and bond with wealthy socialites.



You, season 4, moves the main character Joe Goldberg to Europe. To be precise, London. In this season, he tries to flee his past to his own dismay.  He takes a job as a fraudulent professor, lying to everything and everyone about his true identity. He’s now professor fraud Jonathan Moore.

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What’s interesting from the prior seasons is the tension between Joe’s past lovers and killers. It tries hard to build up a new setting, with new characters and relationships who drive the story forward. But the essence of what made the former season so good, it lost in this season. At least the five episodes. The conclusion with five episodes lands on March 9th. The jokes that constantly stock up in the five episodes are not that good nor is it that fascinating.

 Charlotte Ritchie who plays Kate, a dominant character in this season, is making this season at least watchable and more human. The script could need a rewritten. The pace is decent with a mystery of an anonymous messenger dealing with Joe. That and Kate is one of the view delightfulness of these four episodes.  What’s odd is that Joe is capable of getting away with so many murders without any suspicion displayed.  Despite living for so long in London, it seems that Joe never accomplishes to fit in with the brits, that he is the odd character that some hate and some love.

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In a new approach to reliving the series, the past never conquers Goldberg. It seems to be there lurking. Another detail is how the voice-over constantly contradicts Joe’s actions. It tries hard to illuminate the modern aspect, feeding the diversity. But there’s a lot of noise and not enough of a character gallery.  Maybe it’s also now, also worth thinking that it’s time to ax this series and the main character. The premise, the constant bleak comedy attempt and the stalking become tedious at this point of the series.


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