Title: American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing

Year: 2023

Genre:  Crime | Documentary |

Season: 1|

Runtime: 50 min/Episode

Director: Floyd Russ

Starring: Ed Davis, Billy Evans, John MacLellan


The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing paralyzed a great American city on what was supposed
to be its happiest day. Ten years later, this three-part series delves into the massive manhunt
that followed the tragedy, as remembered by the survivors caught in the crossfire and the law
enforcement officials who brought the bombers to justice.

The Boston Marathon Bombing was a terrorist attack that occurred on April 15, 2013, when two homemade bombs were detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts. The attack resulted in the deaths of three people and injured over 260 others.

Following the attack, an intense manhunt was launched for the suspects. The two suspects were identified as brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who had been living in the United States for several years. Tamerlan was killed during a shootout with police, while Dzhokhar was captured after a massive manhunt that shut down the city of Boston and surrounding areas for several days.

American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing, a Netflix series, which premieres April 12, depicts the hunt for the perpetrators. The two brothers who did the terror attack on the Boston Marathon. The brothers Tsarnaev from Chechen are the subjects of a national manhunt from the government by the FBI. We get to follow the investigation with archive material and interviews with both local police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A lot is already known with both documentaries and films covering the events that happened April 15th in 2013.

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The creator behind the story, Floyd Russ, is the man who was involved of Night Stalker, another investigative true crime Netflix-series. We get the suspense, and the good part of the series is that we almost get hour-by-hour coverage of the events. The producers have stated that they wanted to emulate the feeling of being there. The series has a good pace. Even if it feels like a short coming, it’s divided in three part. You could say that it’s working formula for this short mini-series.

The story wraps neatly in the third episode You can’t interview a corpse and depicts the hunt for the other brother. The parallell cutting between the archive material and interviews works good, emphazies on each element in the investigation. The interview subject gives the story nuance and the two side of the story just like as it gives you the necessary background.

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It’s worth a watch, even if you may already know the result and have an insight of the attack.

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