Title: Bob’s Burgers

Year: 2022

Genre: Animation|Adventure | Comedy|

Runtime: 102 min

Director: Loren Bouchard

Starring: H. Jon Benjamin, Eugene Mirman, John Roberts

Bob Belcher and his wife, Linda, own a burger restaurant known for its incredible and unusual burger combinations. One day, they have trouble making payments to the bank, and are denied an extension on their loan. Bob wonders how things could possibly get any worse. He doesn’t have to wait very long; a giant sinkhole suddenly appears in front of Bob’s Burgers! Bob and Linda are told that it won’t be long before the hole is filled, but their daughter accidentally falls in and discovers a dead body. The sinkhole quickly turns into a crime scene, and it looks like the bank will foreclose before customers can enter their restaurant again. When Bob and Linda’s landlord is charged with murder, their children, Tina, Gene, and Louise, set off to save their family’s restaurant by proving their landlord is innocent and bringing the real murderer to justice!

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After a couple of seasons, Bob’s Burgers, has got the lengthy treatment like many other animated sitcom series. It has a plot, that’s similar to an episode. It’s filled with songs, not that good with few adventurous events that transfer you to a sense of a big screen film that entertains just like the series. The series has through all its episodes ups and downs. A couple of fillers and a couple of exciting and good written episodes. For most part, the series has added the musical number as well.

The animation is basically the same as the TV-Series.  While The Simpsons – Movie in 2007 was about Homer dumping a silo in the lake, polluting and then almost blows up Springfield, this film follows instead close to home. A skeleton is discovered in a whole just outside the sidewalk of the family restaurant. It takes place in the hometown and with all the character from the series. Even if the series tries hard to create a storyline that doesn’t directly connects to the series, it’s feels like an extended episode.

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By adding the plot of having money trouble and maybe losing the restaurant, it feel like a tender look for the children to solve a murder mystery. Perhaps a long-shot but to spend an extra hour with these characters are almost overwhelming. The pace is a little off, even if it’s a delightful movie. The overall sense of it makes it all overwhelming. It’s not like the series as the plot expands over 90 minutes, making it feels long.

The essence of the series shines lightly with it’s absence.  Despite the decent plot, the overall theme, it doesn’t really deliver when supposed to, so maybe it’s a good thing that another two seasons of the series will arrive in the coming years.

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