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Netflix Taps GOT-Alumns To Play Lead In Neil Gaimans Sandman-Series

Netflix has finally revealed the first cast-call for their new series The Sandman, based on Neil Gaimans popular comic book.

Warner Bros. Remakes ‘The Fugitive’; Albert Hughes To Direct

The classical thriller with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones returns as Albert Hughes direct the remake at Warner Bros, where Ford was the murder suspect and Jones the police officer.

O.G (2019) – Official Trailer

A maximum-security prison inmate named Louis, who, 24 years after committing a violent crime as a young man, finds himself on the cusp of release from prison, facing an uncertain future on the outside. He encounters Beech, a newly incarcerated young man who offers him much needed-friendship, though it’s not without unfortunate complications. The younger inmate echoes of his older counterpart, stirring instincts within Louis that had long been buried beneath a tough exterior.

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Logan (2017)

I en nära framtid tar en sliten Logan hand om en sjuk Professor X, i en gömma nära den mexikanska gränsen. Men Logans försök att hålla sig undangömd från världen och sitt förflutna ställs plötsligt på sin spets när en ung mutant anländer och som visar sig förföljas utav mörka krafter. OBS! SPOILERS!

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