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What D23 Expo Showcased In TV-Series And Feature Films

D23 2019 was a big year for those who rely a lot on the content that Disney offer. As their demand has increasingly grown for the past year it was only a matter of time that they would release their own streaming service called DisneyPlus. During the next three day, they offered a lot of insight through the planned releases and mostly it was for the platform and Marvel Studios.

New Year Column – Year 2018

2018 provided some surprises, blockbusters and indie-films that we will always enjoy from now on. But it feels more like a middle-year where you wait for the good movies and series. Not that many happened so fluent this year. More so, most series was either cancelled or finished this year.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Äventyraren Peter Quill stjäl en eftertraktad himlakropp från Ronan, som är en kraftfull skurk med ambitioner att förinta hela universum. Peter slår sig sen samman med Rocket, en vapengalen tvättbjörn, Groot, en trälik humanoid, den gåtfulla Gamora och den hämndlystne Drax the Destroyer. Tillsammans bildar de ett futuristiskt team av superhjältar som skyddar galaxen mot faror.

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