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Marvel Studios Loses Spider-Man After Dispute With Sony Pictures

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Something not many has expected that would be revealed today was that Marvel Studios broke their collaboration with Sony Pictures over Spider-Man.


Kevin Feige Talks About Spider-Man’s Future In The MCU

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Kevin Feige has said in an interview that the next movie for Spider-Man will be different than the previous one, mostly considering the middle post-credit scene.

MCU Phase 4 Announced At D23 In August 

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 As many knows, Marvel won’t tell anything major about the next installments of MCU, as Spider-Man: Far From Home, is the next big feature to release before then. On the D23 Expo, August 24th, we might know a little more then.

Disney Has Released Their Film-Schedule Until 2027

Marvel has gained some success considering the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which concludes an epic saga with Avengers: Endgame and concludes with the upcoming Spider-Man: Far from Home.  Avengers: Endgame smashes record as the number one on the box-office of a§1ll time.  

New Year Column – Year 2018

2018 provided some surprises, blockbusters and indie-films that we will always enjoy from now on. But it feels more like a middle-year where you wait for the good movies and series. Not that many happened so fluent this year. More so, most series was either cancelled or finished this year.